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Powerlifters Host Meet Feb. 2nd - Volunteers Needed!

Powerlifters Host Meet Feb. 2nd - Volunteers Needed!

Wed, 01/02/2019 - 07:52
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The WHS POWERLIFTERS need your assistance! On Feb. 2nd, the WHS Powerlifting Team (over 40 Crusaders/Lady Crusaders are participating), will be hosting a multi-team Powerlifting Meet at WHS. The action gets underway at 9:00AM.

WHS Powerlifting Coach Ross Foley needs volunteers from the community to assist on Feb. 2nd - basically, a couple different roles need filling, 1) Judges - critique the lifts - after a lifter completes their lift, the judge will signal a good lift (thumb up) or a bad lift (thumb down). All judges must signal "thumb up" for lift to be good. Recorder - track lifts on a computer. (click link below for info on judging and recording)

Officials report at 8:15AM / meet should conclude by 2PM-3PM timeframe. Judges and recorders will have access to the hospitality room as well...for more info about the meet...including the duties of the Judges....CLICK THIS LINK

Contact Coach Foley for more info and/or to let him know - you will be there to assist!!! THANKS A BUNCH! These Crusaders and Lady Crusaders work hard - to have their own HOME MEET is a phenomenal experience for them - it'll be great to share that time with them!!

Coach Foley's email is - rfoley@usd353.com