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The "QUEST" was to "RECYCLE-BUILD"...the KNIGHTS did just that!

The "QUEST" was to "RECYCLE-BUILD"...the KNIGHTS did just that!

Mon, 06/03/2019 - 20:29
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This is a follow up to a story the KWHS News Team did earlier this year at WMS. (Original KWHS Video) Wanted you to see the final products - pretty awesome stuff! The pics are the finished product and also pics from back during the process.

Shannon Smith's QUEST class at Wellington Middle School (project based learning) was involved with a project earlier this school year, that focused on building furniture from recycled materials. The recycled, rebuilt pieces are being used in the commons area for studying in small groups and mentoring.

Smith shared at the time, "this opportunity has taught the students so much about community spirit, time management, goal setting, planning, delegating, and researching - along with Math & English."

The students learned how to "measure twice, cut once", how to run a power sander and how to correctly use a crowbar. The students follow directions, created blueprints - it was teamwork turning ideas into realities. Smith went on to say, "...hitting several roadblocks along the way has only made their perseverance and dedication to the project stronger."

Smith is proud of the kids and thankful to all the parents who were willing to support their child's project by donating materials, loaning tools, and also willing to share their skills.