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Latchkey After-School Program

Latchkey After-School Program

LATCHKEY After School Program will begin September 3rd.

KRR After School Program will begin September 9th.


ENROLLMENT PACKETS can be picked up at your student's school office or the district office.

The Latchkey After-School Program is a safe environment for students.  It is an opportunity for students to engage in an after-school educational environment, some physical activity, and a healthy snack daily.
1. ENROLLMENT: Only K-8th grade students with completed Enrollment Applications will be allowed to begin and attend the program.
2. Hours and Days of the Week:  The program begins at 3:30pm and ends at 5:15pm---Monday through Friday each week, UNLESS school is not in session. Latchkey is not in session days of Parent/Teacher Conferences.
3. STUDENT PICK-UP: Students will be picked up by a parent or another authorized person listed on the Program Application, or may walk home unaccompanied “ONLY” if approved/signed by the parent on the Program Application. If your child has not been picked up within 10 minutes of program ending time, Latchkey After-School staff will contact you. If students are frequently picked-up late or are still at the school beyond the ending time, they may lose the opportunity to participate in the Latchkey After-School Program.
For safety reasons, we discourage students from walking home unattended. However, if it is necessary to have your child walk home alone, you must approve this request by signing on the appropriate line of the Program Application. Please be advised that Latchkey After-School Program staff are NOT responsible for students who walk home unattended after they have been dismissed by staff.
4. DISCIPLINE: All children are expected to exhibit behaviors that comply with the school, district, and After-School Program rules and expectations. The Latchkey after-school staff will adhere to the school/district discipline policy for significant or recurring behavior issues and concerns. 
A signed Wellington After School Program registration/enrollment form will acknowledge that you have read and agree with the terms and conditions of the behavior and discipline policy set forth. An example Discipline and Behavior Policy is attached to the enrollment packet.  Please keep for your records.
5. PHOTO AND VIDEO RELEASE: We are proud of this program and our students. During activities and events, we will occasionally take pictures and/or videotape of program participants. These photos and/or videos may be used in newsletters, brochures, or other USD353 or promotional materials. Please sign the attached waiver with a “yes” if you give permission or “no” if you decline permission. 
6. EMERGENCY PROCEDURES: Emergency information MUST be provided to the Latchkey After-School Program Staff before your child can begin the program. Reasonable procedures will be taken to safeguard the health and safety of all participants. If an accident occurs, the parent or guardian will be notified immediately. It is crucial that the staff always have current emergency contact information. If your contact information changes, you must notify your school’s Head Tutor and/or Program Coordinator immediately. Please be aware that there is no nurse or health aid on duty during program hours. If a medical emergency occurs, emergency medical services will be called.
7. SCHOOL RULES: In addition to the above rules, all regular school rules apply during the Latchkey After-School Program. Please see the school’s student handbook which is located on the website.
8. COST - There is a daily fee for attending Latchkey.  Your school office can help you determine the daily cost per student.

For more information you may contact:

Kelly Adams- Director of After School Programs
District Office
221 S. Washington
620-326-4300 ext. 2143