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Knight/Crusader Band Concerts @ WHS (Videos Added!)

Knight/Crusader Band Concerts @ WHS (Videos Added!)

Tue, 03/10/2020 - 05:07
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The 6th grade, the 7th & 8th grade, and the High School Bands performed Monday evening at WHS. The Bands were under the direction of Mr. Allen Hisken (Wellington Director of Bands) and Mr. Shawn Knopp, guest conductor from Friends University.

The 6th grade Knights took to the stage, their first "full" concert, song-wise and they performed "5" of them quite well! (March Across the Seas, Procession from "Water Music", Banana Boat Song, Freedom's Road, and Indigo Rock).

The younger Knights were followed by the older Knights, performing Stonehenge Overture, Racing the Sun, and Star Wars Saga. The High School Crusader Band were the grand finale. The Knights and the Crusaders, both under the direction of Mr. Hisken and Mr. Knopp were intermixed at times, for that "complete Wellington Band" sound and feel.

It was reported by Mr. Hisken, there are plans next school year for the Friends University Band to come to Wellington (under the direction of Shawn Knopp) and put on a concert with the Crusaders. We'll keep you updated.