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                                                              We will look at possibly starting back up on July 27th, if we can.  

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WHS English Juniors Performing "Monumental" Tasks

WHS English Juniors Performing "Monumental" Tasks

Fri, 03/13/2020 - 12:37
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Mrs. Sanders' English 11 classes at Wellington High School this semester, as part of their curriculum unit entitled "Monuments", were to pick a person or an event that had a historical impact. The students wrote research papers over their selected topic, having to support an argument as to why their topic was "monumental" and deserving of national recognition. Lastly, the students had to design and build miniatures of a monument that represented their selected topic.

Check out the pics and the monuments - some interesting ones for sure!

John Deere Monumental Plow - Hunter Norris

"JOHN DEERE" Monument created by Hunter Norris - Hunter welded this "monumental plow" in class - well done Hunter!