Congratulations to Cathy Shuck * EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING AWARD Recipient 2017-2018!
                                                                 Congratulations to Chelle Klein * PARA-EDUCATOR of the YEAR Recipient 2017-2018!
                                                           Congratulations to Linda Yates * CLASSIFIED EMPLOYEE of the YEAR Recipient 2017-2018!

High School Classroom Links

High School Classroom Links

Aguilar, Zane (P.E.) 

Barnett, Margarita (Spanish)

Bristow, Amelia (Science) 

Buchanan, Melissa (Business) 

Case, Rane (Business) 

Chase, Linda (Vocational)

Coldwell, Jessica (Vocal Music)

Collins, Edgar (Special Education) 

Defore, Karla (Social Studies) 

Elder, Ryan (Vocational) 

Foley, Ross (P.E.) 

Ford, Katie (English) 


Frazee, Jeff (Math) 

Ginter, James (Science) 

Gray, Brenda (Special Education)

Green, Timothy (Social Science) 

Groom, Amy (Graphic Arts) 

Hatfield, Carmen (Counselor)

Hendrix, Caitlin (Special Education) 

House, Sarah (Librarian) 

Lawless, Karla (FACS) 

Olson, Ben (Band) 

Phelps, Rick (Social Science)

Rivers, Jennifer (Special Education) 

Rose, Lester (Science) 

Runyan, Debi (Math) 

Sanders, April (English)

Smith, Luke (Physics)

Urban, Chelsea (Math)

Vaughn, Elizabeth (Business) 

Wilmoth, Mike (Social Science) 

Young, Adrian (Social Science)