Lincoln 3rd-4th Graders Celebrate The Season!

The Lincoln Elementary 3rd & 4th grades this past Tuesday evening out at WHS, brought the Christmas spirit alive in song...under the direction of Linda Ballard - click and enjoy!

Lincoln Rocketeers Have Successful Launches!

Mr. Byers' and Mr. Nichols' 3rd Graders at Lincoln have been learning about force and motion from Mr. Jose Vigil from Exploration Place. Students designed their own rockets with some guidance and were able to fly them to test and see how well they flew recently - here's a few videos of those launches!

Lincoln 2nd Graders Host Numerous Speakers

MRS. WORLEY LINCOLNA slate of speakers from the community visited Mrs. Worley's 2nd grade classroom at Lincoln Elementary this past week as part of the American Education Week celebration across the school district. Guests included Kassandra & Matthew Hurley (911 Dispatcher & Military), Kelsey Curry (Nurse Practitioner), Jerry Fike (Regent & Barefoot Jerry's), Lisa Vargas (Library), Kalyna Buresh (Cosmetologist), Mr.

The Lincoln Patriots Bring History "to life"!

LINCOLN LIVE WAX MUSEUMThe 5th graders at Lincoln went back in time this past week with their "LIVE WAX MUSEUM DISPLAYS". Their what you ask? Well, each student dressed as an historical figure and stood still until someone would push the button on them to talk.


SUPERHEROES-LINCOLN FUN NIGHT 2016Saturday was FAMILY FUN NIGHT @ Lincoln Elementary! Many students and their families were on hand for fun and games including a very popular CAKE WALK! Some SUPERHEROES were on scene as well. There were inflatables, cotton candy, balloon animals, Frito Chili Pie, and more!


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