School Resumes Today - All Schools, Elementary and Secondary Will Be Full Time

Arrival time each morning will be at 7:30am for 6-12 students eating breakfast and 7:50am for other students. K-5 student drop off time will remain at 7:50am for all students. Students will be released at 3:20pm for WHS and 3:25pm for WMS.

Masks will still be required for all students.

Rapid testing will be available for use as needed by USD 353 Medical Staff. At this time, we are not going to require weekly testing for students or staff unless our community gating criteria moves back into the red zone.

Social distancing will be enforced when possible, however cannot be guaranteed in every
classroom or circumstance. When social distancing is not possible, students will be grouped in
small groups or cohorts of 5 students or less. This will lessen the number of students having to
quarantine in case of COVID-19 exposure.

Students will still be offered both breakfast and lunch (free through the end of the year).
Lunches will be served at staggered times to help ensure social distancing in our lunch rooms.

All building guidelines such as parent/guest entry, etc. will remain the same as during a hybrid
schedule. We are still attempting to limit visitors in our buildings.
A reminder to everyone, from Superintendent Adam Hatfield, moving to remote learning for the district or an individual building could be necessary due to a cluster or staffing issue. We are cautiously optimistic as our community numbers continue to decline, and excited to finally welcome all of our Secondary students back into our buildings full time.