WHS Horticulture Students Enjoy Recent Field Trips

Horticulture students, under the instruction and guidance of Mrs. Linda Chase, took three field trips before the end of the year.  They toured the water production plant, waste water plant and Neosho Gardens in Council Grove, KS.

At the water production plant they learned where their drinking water comes from, how many millions of gallons of water the city of Wellington uses each day and what careers are available with the water production plant here and in other cities.

The waste water plant was an eye opening and breathe holding tour!  They learned that each day there is almost 11 tons of solid waste produced by the city of Wellington.  Again they learned how the water is treated and then released back into the environment.  The water is cycle is amazing!  Students also learned about careers in the waste water plant and how the human waste is used by farmers to fertilize their fields.

The final trip was to Neosho Gardens.  Here students were able to see one of the largest automated greenhouses in the state.  We toured the 13 acre facility and got to see their newest $3 million dollar greenhouse!  It was huge!!  They learned about career opportunities and how to start their own business.