Fifth annual RealityU opens eyes about personal finance

Last Friday, the sophomore class at WHS was joined by students from South Haven, Caldwell, Conway Springs, and Argonia for the 5th annual RealityU event held at Wellington High School.
RealityU is a life simulation that teaches students how to save and spend money by imagining their lives as 26-year-olds with all the obligations that come with living independently. Each student received a profile listing their marital status, occupation, salary, dependents, credit score, and even pets! With this information, they had to visit different stations representing all the expenses and life events that might occur when budgeting their monthly finances. This is always an eye-opening experience for the students; this year the reflection portion included comments from the participants about how expensive kids really are and that they are more grateful for their parents/guardians.
Thank you, THANK YOU to Mrs. Rane Case, who works so hard to continue bringing this event to the school; to premier sponsor Impact Bank for supporting this year after year; and to the MANY local volunteers who make this simulation possible by manning all the stations.
View many more photos from Friday’s RealityU event here:
(Photos by Madison Leggett, Morice Ayers, Michaela Stufflebeam, Karizma Putter-Zavala, and Celt Corley/WHS Yearbook Staff)