USD 353 Employee Appreciation Program

The recipients of recognition and awards were as follows:
University of Kansas 25 Years of Service in KS Award
Linda Chase, Samantha Heasty, Christopher Starnes
Longevity Awards
5 Years of Service - Millicent Angleton, Kellyn Balensiefer, Cynthia Becker, Mary Claus, Dusti Irey, Todd Larkey, John Nance, Jaedyn Showman, Julie Thrush, Kelsey Whaley, Alexis Wilburn, Mary Zeka
10 Years of Service - Malorie Anderson, Samantha Brown, Cindy Doerge, Holly Parkey, Casey Witham, Loryn Zoglmann
15 Years of Service - Samantha Heasty, Karolyn Lacey, Gina Schnelle, Jennifer Worley
20 Years of Service - Jeff Dry, Shirley Gray, Adam Hatfield
25 Years of Service - Brenda Gray, Jayme Lowe, Molly Stephens
35 Years of Service - Linda Rausch
Special Recognition by District Administrators of Building Staff
Eisenhower Elementary - Brittany Brown
Kennedy Elementary - Lori Hochevar
Lincoln Elementary - Taryn Nichols
Washington Elementary - Gina Schnelle
Wellington Middle School - Samantha Brown
Wellington High School - Karla Defore
Central Office - Daniel Farley
Classified Employee of the Year
Molly Stephens
Para Educator of the Year
Pam Kendrick
USD 353 Foundation, Inc.
Excellence in Teaching Award
Daphne Adams
District Retirees
Kathy Ford
Kim Hefley
Troy Jones
Denton Kindy
Taryn Nichols
Deb Potestivo